Junior Robert McInnes will be down under on the 13-14 April to a sold out seminar with Soshi Sugihara ,Kancho Sifu and Shihan Itchicawa . Get you copy of the 110 man fight here

K-Energy App

K-Energy is currently producing an Application called K-APP, you will be able to watch the Junior Robert McInnes vs Bob Sapp fight live on the K-APP . There is also all the other K-Energy flights available on the K-APP when it’s released . The K-APP will be simply amazing.

Sapp VS Junior

It’s confirmed , my fight with The Beast Bob Sapp is on , it will be pay for view . I am only doing this to start my Fight Cancer for Kids promotion , and Bob for his Africa water fund . This is a big purse for me and means I can help my fight cancer for Kids fund . I would never fight someone like this and give away 100 kilos but it will help many people , the prize will be announced on the 14 th Harley Davidson Bangkok and its 6 figures or I won’t fight haha. The fight will be in Japan . They are talking March , however it is 100% it’s happening !!! I hope I survive haha